April 29, 2016

Graduation. It’s happening in a kindergarten, high school or college near you any moment now. Children, youth and adults of all ages are bookmarking segments of their lives with a ceremony. A ceremony that marks a rite of passage leading us from the familiar to the unfamiliar. A final gathering to remember what was, but more significantly, to celebrate what will be. Chances are you will sit through a graduation soon for yourself, a friend or a loved one. I pray that you hear something encouraging and longer lasting than the ceremony.

I find it interesting that as we move through life, we stop “graduating” in our early twenties, yet we continue to grow through the bookmarks. Retirement is one such bookmark that I believe deserves another graduation ceremony, not just some tired party to celebrate the end of a career. It is the beginning of a wonderful new time of life, filled with unlimited opportunity, and this time made even better with the wisdom of age.

A number of my friends have recently experienced job loss, job changes or retirement. DO NOT let the ending of these life seasons keep you from knowing you are GRADUATING to something better. If you need to, go put on a cap and gown, and watch Steve Jobs address the 2005 graduating class of Stanford. Then throw your hat in the air and go knock ’em dead!

Graduations frequently bring on other bookmarks of life such as changing locations or homes. And although you’re NEVER likely to hear me speak at a graduation, I CAN assist you with your next home sale or purchase. I would be extremely honored to help you place that bookmark.